Sixers vs. Cheeseburgers

Despite their 30+ point blowout victory, the Sixers f&$*@(! failed this past Saturday. Granted they dominated the game, gapping somewhere in the second quarter and they never looked back.

Fast forward to the fourth quarter with about 2:30 to go.  It’s 92 to 60-something Sixers.  The announcer comes on and says “If the Sixers score 100 points tonight your ticket stub is good for a free Big Mac tomorrow!”  No I didn’t make that up, and trust me – holy shit.  An otherwise docile crowd let out a deafening roar.  People seriously flipped out.  Things go back and forth as basketball games do, and with less than 30 seconds left it’s 97-60ish Sixers’ ball.

As soon as they inbound the ball, the Sixers immediately go into “run out the clock” mode. Just standing around dribbling, slowly meandering around their own territory.  The crowd is standing and screaming and intensely furious.  Finally Doug Collins (coach) stands up and waves the Sixer down the court.  He obeys.  Seriously. The professional NBA basketball player on the winning team ran up the court with 20-ish seconds left to shoot a three for free cheeseburgers.

Of course, they miss.  No Big Macs.  The clock runs out and the music blares, confetti cannons blast, disco lights ensure… the crowd?  They boo the shit out of the Sixers.  Forget about the 30 point victory, we were three points from free cheeseburgers!  What a bunch of assholes.

Wonder why your kids are fat?  Well.. that has nothing to do with this I guess.  Still, cheeseburgers > basketball says America.