I really, really wish I was a writer.

As you probably already know, I started my blog in anger over that ridiculousness with the BPA.  After a post or two though I started to get excited.  I always seem to have long and drawn out stories to tell (whether you like it or not) about the abundance of extraordinary things that happen to me every day, so why not document them?  The problem is – I can’t write.

Obviously I can communicate.  I even have a vocabulary that’s a step or two above simpleton.  In my day-to-day at work I encounter people who can barely get by and e-mails that take coffee and man-hours to decipher, and this all makes me happy that maybe – just maybe – I am a step ahead of the everyman.

In re-reading this mess, however, I am immediately reminded that I eventually became pretty disinterested with English class, am a college dropout, and have been ass-deep in a computer ever since.  I swear I have something worthwhile and entertaining to say, but I just can’t write it.  More accurately, I cannot write it without questioning every single comma, “and”, “however”, paragraphing, proper quotations and punctuation, two or 2, spelling and other grammar.  Oh – and my weird pause-hyphen – which I love.  To death.  Like short scentences.  And putting a “c” in “sentences”.

As if things weren’t bad enough, most of my would-be readers are writers and entertainers.  I mean real ones.  They have novels and “novellas” (whatever the hell thatis) and books of poetry and book tours (and book tours) and podcasts and published articles and magazines and blogs with actual content (and blogs and blogs)!  Me?  Well.. I’m not.  Do I take an english class?  How important is this if you’re writing on the Internet in 2012?  Do you know the muffin man?

Regardless of the importance, that last post was awful to re-read now that it’s been a week or two.  I suppose I could get an editor, but that sounds expensive.  If only I knew some writers that owed me..hmm.

Someone go mark this up!

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